Our Journey

Our Journey

Once upon a time there was an entrepreneur by the name of William Henry (W.H.) Bosley. His journey began with a bang in the 1920's when W.H. assisted in the formation of what is now commonly referred to as The Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB). Upon completing this historic feat, he ventured on to create his very own brokerage in 1928, originally known as W.H. Bosley & Co.

In 1953, William Henry sold the Brokerage to his two sons, Murray and Raymond Bosley. From 1928-1975, the brokerage quickly became known for assembling very large plots of land for future development on sites today known as Toronto City Hall, the downtown Bank of Nova Scotia, Stelco, Erie Steel and lastly, the Ford Plant located in Oakville.

In 1985, Raymond's son, Thomas Bosley, purchased the brokerage from his father and uncle. After spending over 15 years working in the family business, Tom chose to forge his own path. He quickly retooled the brokerage from what was previously known as a commercial brokerage with an extensive appraisal division (Murray's speciality) to what is now known to be an incredible and innovative residential real estate company. Residential real estate was Tom's passion and you can feel that every day walking through the floors of our homey offices.

The Bosley's contribution to organized real estate in Ontario and beyond is unparalleled. Every Bosley leader has at one time been President of the Toronto Real Estate Board - Ann Bosley included! Throughout the years, Bosley has had...

9 TREB Presidents

5 RECO Chairmen

3 CREA Presidents

2 OREA Presidents

...as part of our leadership team. To say we have experience would be an understatement! Today, the company houses 200+ successful residential Realtors in 6 branches throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. As we move forward with the fourth generation, Christan Bosley, the future is bright. We remain a 100% Canadian, family owned and operated brokerage and we continue to be proud of the success of our past, present and future. It is our goal to remain your trusted Real Estate Advisors for years to come!

If you are interested in a more detailed family tree, feel free to continue reading here.